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Why use a pest controller

Pest controllers are trained in more than just the application of chemicals. They must complete a standard course that covers pest identification, breeding habits, and biology in order to be licensed. They are equipped with the ability and knowledge to use proven methods to prevent pest activity and minimize the possibility of future infestations.

They will inspect your home to determine if there are any environmental factors that could be triggering infestation. They are familiar with how to find breeding areas and entry points. They will assist you in choosing the best treatment after they have determined the severity of the problem.

Many of the same treatments that are used for residential pest control can also be used in restaurants, cafes, and food manufacturing plants.

A pest controller will only use the minimum amount of chemical to treat the problem. This will ensure that the treatment is effective in the most efficient areas. These treatments have an immediate effect and provide protection. The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority must approve and register any chemical treatment. Only the prescribed rates and strengths can be applied.

A pest controller will advise you based on their knowledge and experience.

How Often Should I Have My House Checked For Pests?

A yearly inspection for termites or other pests is the best way of preventing pest infestations. Regular treatments may be necessary depending on the pest’s environment.

How much does it cost to conduct a pest control session?

The type of pest and infestation will affect the price. While most pest control companies will provide a quote for standard treatments, it is important to understand what you are paying for. This will be explained by a good pest controller.

What If I See A Pest After A Treatment?

Although we will see a significant reduction in pests, total elimination could take several days.

Pests can move around after treatment. Cockroach gels and baits, for example, are designed to encourage movement toward the bait.

Is Termite Damage Is Covered By Home Or Contents Insurance?

No. Almost every insurance company exempts termites (vermin from their home or contents policies). Insurance companies won’t cover termite damage because the risk is too high. It is worth reviewing your policies.

How Often Should I Have My House Inspected For Termites?

In order to be in good health, homeowners should have their homes inspected at least once per year. Older homes are more susceptible to termites. It is important to have a professional inspect your home every year.